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Visit from Blackdown Hills Metal Workers

On Tuesday Class 3 welcomed 5 visitors and a whole host of equipment. We were really lucky to have camera, sound and script professionals sharing their equipment and expertise. After turning the interactive whiteboard into a ‘cool wall’, it was obvious Peppa Pig, is not very popular in Class 3!, all the children learnt how to film, track shots, edit and zoom in for extreme close ups. We were all amazed by how sensitive the sound recording equipment was, it picked up the faintest of whispers. The children also started to develop their film scripts in groups, making a prop wish list and some even tried on some medieval clothing. The film crew will return in two weeks to film Class 3 and turn their acting skills into a learning film which will be used in schools across Devon and form part of the display at Tiverton Museum. Until then Class 3 will need to brush up their persuasive language skills, edit their scripts and practice their acting. Fun!

Planting up for Spring

The school is looking for parents or members of the community that could help with planting up for Spring the school vegetable/plant patch.  Each class has been allocated a quarter of the patch and teachers and children from each class have been allocated a £50 budget to fill it with produce. If there are any green fingered parents would like to assist with the planting, please let the school office know. We have also been donated loads of bulbs from Sue Brown, our old administrator, which need planting. Your support would be greatly appreciated.