Class 1 & 2 Magdalen Trip

On Monday Classes 1 and 2 went on a trip to the Magdalen Farm. The children (and adults!) had a wonderful, action packed day and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. In the morning we divided into tribes and applied face paints, then went down to the deep, dark woods to test our survival skills and teamwork. We helped make a fire; built dens, which when tested, were not waterproof and finished off with hot chocolate and marshmallows.  In the afternoon we split into our classes and explored the farm using our senses; smelling and tasting our way around the herb garden and polytunnels. Who knew that nasturtium flowers had nectar that tasted so sweet, or had leaves with such a peppery kick? The chickens pecked our hands and the pigs felt bristly compared to the velvet nose of a horse.  We all learnt a lot whilst having fun. Did you know you can clean your teeth with a sage leaf?